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Affordable Heating & Air offers many different products to suit your home’s comfort needs. Whether you’re looking to replace a cranky old furnace, upgrade to a higher efficiency model, add A/C to an existing heating system, or go completely electric, Affordable Heating & Air has what you need.

With industry-leading equipment by Bryant and others, Affordable Heating & Air will get you top quality gear that is efficient and economical. 

Have a look at our product line with quick descriptions below. 

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Whether you’re looking for an entry level Legacy model at standard 80% efficiency or a high-efficiency (90%+), variable-speed Evolution series furnace, we’ve got you covered.

Affordable Heating & Air offers furnaces by Bryant and more.

Air Conditioners

When the summer months come rolling around, don’t rely on simply opening your windows to make your house cooler; it simply won’t do! Invest in a proper air conditioner system to not only cool your home, but to recirculate clean air in the home. Homes with air conditioning systems also have higher resale value than comparable homes. In addition to making your home much more comfortable, it’s a great investment to your property!

Affordable Heating & Air offers air conditioning systems by Bryant and more.

Heat Pumps

Do you have only electricity at your home and no gas? Have you recently made the move to solar and now need a heating and cooling solution? With the reliance on gas and fossil fuels as a utility becoming less desirable as the world moves to greener technologies, this is becoming more and more common these days, 

The heat pump-based system is a great way to step into an electricity-only HVAC system. Heat pumps can cool a home AND warm a home, leaving the traditional methods in the rearview. Some prefer to use gas for their furnace and a heat pump as their air conditioner unit. This is also doable. With a heat pump, the flexibility and options are endless.

For further flexibility, see our ductless mini-split solutions below.

Affordable Heating & Air offers heat pump systems by Bryant and more.

Ductless Mini-Splits

Looking to get off of the gas grid and go 100% electric? If so, then ductless mini-split systems are a great option for you. Heat and cool your home with only electricity — no more gas furnaces taking up space in your hallway closet or attic! What’s more, with ductless mini-split system, you can control each room’s temperature independently. This is great for when you want to condition one or more rooms, but leave other rooms unconditioned. It’s a very efficient and economical method of keeping a space at a desired temperature when compared to traditional methods where all rooms heat or cool regardless of whether you want them to.

Mini-split systems are a little bit newer to the USA market, so many people don’t know they exist. Inquire within to learn more about these amazing systems if you’re interested in ditching the gas furnace for something a little greener. 

Affordable Heating & Air offers mini-split systems by Bryant.

Mobile Home Furnaces, Wall Heaters, and More

Affordable Heating & Air offers furnaces for mobile and modular homes, which typically require custom models. We also provide other solutions such as wall heaters, direct vent heaters, and more.

No matter the space, we can heat and cool it!